STERF Newsletter #18
Check out the Grass Variety Lists
The new handbook "Grass Guide 2012", that was released during the winter 2012 with the Variety Lists, presents research experiences of amenity turf for the Nordic countries made over the past 30 years. The lists are adjusted to each countries climates and are available in swedish, norwegian, danish and finnish! Now it's easy to find the best grasses for your faclity!

  Grass Variety Lists  
The Annual Yearbook 2012
Read all about important events, new and finished STERF research projects and get updated on ongoing project through extensive summaries and status reports.

  The Annual Yearbook 2012  
Turfgrass Field Day at Landvik in June
On June, 26 - 27th, a turgrass field day will be held at Bioforsk Turfgrass Research Center Landvik in Norway. There will be international speakers and guided tours in Scandinavian and English language. The updated program has been posted on STERFs website.

  The program  
International STERF-conference in Iceland
STERF invites you to Reykjavik, Iceland on September 17-19th this year for the international conference "The Golf Facility; A Multifunctional Resource for nature and Man". We chose Iceland for this venue as Iceland‘s golf sector owes much of its success to close collaboration between different stakeholders - all united in their interest in enjoying the open expanses and diverse eco-systems commonly found on golf courses.

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Popular Scientific Articles
Four popular articles written for STERF by researchers at the Turfgrass Research Group, Bioforsk, have been layouted and are easy reading. The titels are "Water use of various turfgrass species on greens and fairways", "Deficit irrigation on creeping bentgrass greens", "Green fertilisation the Scandinavian way" and "Potential of velvet bent grass for putting greens in winter-cold areas".

  The articles