STERF Newsletter #31
Annual Yearbook 2015
STERFs annual yearbook has arrived! Get updated on ongoing projects through extensive summaries and status reports. Learn about new and finished STERF research projects and read about important events in 2015, like local and international seminars, workshops and new handbooks. A swedish summary of the yearbook 2015 is available too!

  Annual Yearbook 2015  
New handbook! Red fescue management
Guidelines based on new research (the Fescue-green project) and greenkeepers’ experiences. The handbook aims to contribute to more sustainable golf course management without compromising the quality of surfaces produced for the sport of golf. Enjoy!

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Turf grass winter survival fact sheets
The first four fact sheets (six more to come) about overwintering are here. The aim is to create a web-based library on topics related to winter stress management of turf grass with emphasis on golf greens. The texts were written under the supervision of experienced golf course managers and turf grass consultants in the Scandinavian countries and in Canada.

You can now access the following fact sheets:
- Grass species and varieties for severe winter climates (English, Norwegian, Swedish)
- Preparing golf greens for winter survival (English)
- Anoxia. When to break the ice? (English, Norwegian)
- Winter play on summer greens (English, Norwegian)

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Guide to Multifunctional potential
A practical guide for assessing your golf course’s multifunctional potential has been produced. It is intended as a tool for a multifunctional process and can be used to visualize the multifunctional potential of your golf course. The handbook is available in English and Swedish.

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