STERF Newsletter #32
Updated R&D Programme
In May the updated version of the Research and Development Programme within Multifunctional Golf Courses and Ecosystem Services was finished. Here you can find STERFs thoughts about how the golf industry can contribute to the production of biological diversity, the conservation of natural and cultural environments and expansion of ecosystem services as well as increased quality of life and better health for humans.

  R&D Programme  
Many new fact sheets on IPM!
During the winter and spring STERF has produced 10 new fact sheets, and updated 18, on the broad subject of integrated pest management. All are now available in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. We hope to be able to also translate them into English in the near future! The only IPM fact sheet in English, so far, is about Dollar spots.

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Article - Multifunctional Golf Courses
An interesting article about the results of the project "Multifunctional Golf Courses". It shows how management of different areas in golf courses affect carbon sequestration and biodiversity. Also how these ecosystem services are related to for instance recreation and social aspects of different management strategies. Read it!

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New handbook! Red fescue management
Guidelines based on new research (the Fescue-green project) and greenkeepers’ experiences. The handbook aims to contribute to more sustainable golf course management without compromising the quality of surfaces produced for the sport of golf. Enjoy!

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