STERF Newsletter #33
Call for proposals
STERF has reserved about 2,1 million SEK per year for, 2017, 2018 and 2019  for new research projects, and large scale trials on golf courses. Deadline for application is December 12th.

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Nordic seminar - February 7th 2017
Seminar: Multifunctional Landscapes -  Opportunities and Challenges for Nordic Golf Facilities.
KSLA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry) and STERF are setting up a seminar with the aim to show the opportunities that multifunctional golf courses offer; to discuss the challenges, problems and conflicts that exist; and to identify tools to enhance societal benefits from golf facilities. The seminar addresses both individuals within the golf sector as well as representatives of authorities, municipalities, universities, landowners and interest groups. Follow the link to learn more about the program and register!

New project
The objective of this new project is to minimize fungicide losses, leaching and surface runoff, from golf courses. The very long name of the project is "Risks for surface runoff and leaching of fungicides from golf greens varying in rootzone composition and amount of thatch."

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Final report
The final report from the project "Multifunctional Golf Courses" has been published. This project aimed to examine how management of different areas in golf courses affect carbon sequestration and biodiversity and how these ecosystem services are related to multiple other services including recreation and social aspects of different management strategies.

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Updated IPM programme
An updated version of STERFs R&D programme within integrated pest management (IPM) is now available in English.

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