STERF Newsletter #35
Turfgrass Field Day - Landvik, 21th June
Turfgrass enthusiast, you are welcome to NiBIO in Landvik, Norway, to get the latest news on ongoing projects and to meet your network in the business. On this year's field day the focus will be on alternative products for IPM management of golf courses. Read all about the program and how to sign up for it, right here.

  Turfgrass Field Day 2017  
Article - Better irrigation
Key findings from a survey of golf course irrigation management practices in four Nordic countries. The aim was to obtain a much clearer and comprehensive understanding of the state of the irrigation system management being adopted by the golf course sector, identifying opportunities for improvement and future research needs.

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New project - Fairy rings and thatch collapse
A new project has started with the aim to define fungal agents causing fairy rings and sunken spots as well as testing effects of fertilizer, hand spiking and wetting agents to control them. Read all about it on the web site.

  New project  

Turf grass winter survival - 10 fact sheets!
Finally, all the fact sheets about winter survival are published in English, Swedish and Norwegian. Some of them are also translated into Danish and Icelandic. You can find them and download them from the STERF web page.

  Fact sheets  
Final report - Overseeding of Fairways
The final report, and a popular scientific article (in Danish: "Eftersåning af fairways"), based on the project "Overseeding of Fairways - A strategy for finer turf with less broad-leaved weeds and Poa annua" have been published on the web page.

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International Seminar: Winter stress management
Make a note in your calender of the upcoming seminar "Winter stress management of turf grass" that will be held at Oslo airport, Gardermoen Nov 09-10th. More info will follow!