STERF Newsletter #38
Winter stress management handbook!
The Golf course managers’ handbook summarizes results and experiences from several research projects related to turf grass winter stress. An "autumn fertilizer calculator" is also included in the handbook, and  can be downloaded.

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Report from winter stress management seminar in Oslo
Almost one hundred turf grass scientists and golf course superintendents participated in STERF seminar "Winter Stress Management of Turf Grass", arranged together with Norwegian Golf Federation and Nibio in Oslo 9-10 November. Superintendents from all Nordic countries shared their experiences. The results of the three-year scientific project was presented by scientists from Nibio and documented in the new Winter stress management handbook (see above).

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Article - Biodiverse roughs
A common problem on golf courses is that players spend too much time looking for lost balls in the rough. That is why more open and playable roughs are an important goal of the new project ‘From dense swards to biodiverse roughs’, which started in 2017. An equally important goal is to investigate how golf courses, urban parks and set-aside land can be managed in order to contribute to enhanced diversity of plants and pollinators.


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Video lectures by Agnar
The Norwegian Golf Federation has posted 11 short web-lectures from the basic courses in Greenkeeping, by Agnar Kvalbein, famous Nordic researcher and teacher. The lectures are produced by the Norwegian Greenkeeper Association and much of the content  is based on results from STERF's research projects.  

English subtitles are available!


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