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Best wishes to you from STERFs board and director. Back row (from left to right): Jerry Knox, Gunnar Håkansson, Maria Strandberg and Stefan Nilsson. Front row: Pål Melbye, Bruno Hedlund, Torben Kastrup Petersen, Kim Sintorn (co-opted) and Jari Koivusalo. Missing from the photo are: Trygve S. Aamlid and Edwin Roald.

Multifunctional Activities on Nordic Golf Courses: A Survey
Multifunctional golf courses are an untapped resource. These can help increase the societal benefits of golf if operations are run with a holistic perspective in which the efficient use of green areas and public interest in nature and recreation are central. In 2017, a survey was carried out to gather information from Nordic golf courses about multifunctional activities at today’s clubs. There are a lot of good examples in the report!

What’s the meaning of IPM on golf courses?
According to the writer of the article, Trygve Aamlid, it is all about growing healthy, disease-resistant and stress-tolerant grass plants that together form high performance playing surfaces. IPM is the oldest and most comprehensive of STERF’s research programs. Read it!

Video about biodiverse roughs
The project "From dense swards to biodiverse roughs" have produced a great short video, talking about how to use cutting regimes, soil amendments, seed addition and hemiparasitic plants to reduce grass dominance and improve biodiversity in your roughs.

Article - Fairy rings
Read the article on fairy rings that helps you identify and choose measures to treat the turf.

STERF yearbook 2017
In STERF yearbook 2017 you will get a summary of important events during the last year, more information about STERF´s activities and get an up-date of STERF´s ongoing projects.