MLSN fertilization on golf courses
Read the article about The ’ Minimum Level of Sustainable Nutrition ’ (MLSN) that is becoming a concept for environment-friendly and sustainable fertilization of turfgrass. More than 1000 golf courses i North-America, Asia and Europe have started to use the MLSN standards. What does MLSN really mean, and how is the relationship between the MLSN recommendation and STERF’s recommendations for ’Precision fertilization’? The article is available in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

IPM-GOLF 2020-23
Read about the research project that investigates cultural practices and new technologies to manage important diseases namely microdochium patch and dollar spot with no or strongly reduced pesticide inputs. The control of insect pests namely chafer grubs and leatherjackets will also be investigated in the project. This project is cofounded by The R&A and many other golf and research organizations. The article is available in English, Swedish and Danish.

Read the article about the SUSPHOS project with focus on sustainable utilization of phosphorus on golf courses. Researchers are testing MLSN fertilization (Minimum Level of Sustainable Nutrition), which is a new international standard for fertilizing turf grass. The article is available in English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

Read about the newly started project ROBO-GOLF where the aim is to study agronomic, environmental d economic consequences by switching to robotic mowers. This project is cofounded by Husqvarna. The article is available in English, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian.

Read about the new project SCANGREEN 2019-22. SCANGREEN is a Scandinavian variety testing program for grasses and varieties for golf greens cut at 3-5 mm. The program started in 2003. These trials were sown last year and constitute the fifth test period. The article is available in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish!

STERF Yearbook 2019
In STERFs yearbook 2019 you will get a summary of important events during last year, more information about STERF´s activities and get an up-date of STERF´s ongoing and newly started projects.