WEBINAR November 5th: Biodiversity of golf courses and urban grasslands: Current knowledge and future trends
STERF and NIBIO are arranging an international webinar on the topic biodiversity of golf courses and urban grasslands. The project “From dense swards to biodiverse roughs” has come to an end. To present the findings, but also place the results in a wider context, an open webinar panel discussion will be held on November 5th 2020 at 13 to 15 CET, featuring the speakers who have made their presentations available online one week before the webinar. The presentations will be targeted to greenkeepers and course managers, landscape architects, landscape planners, park managers, urban conservation officers and similar professions. Register and read all about the webinar in the invitation and program.

New project - Biodiversity on golf courses
Biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse are among the biggest threats humanity faces in the
next decade. In this project five pilot golf courses in Sweden will demonstrate how to improve
biodiversity at the golf course by creating habitats for pollinating insects.

  About the project  
Outdoor classroom on the golf course - the perfect place during a pandemic
Golf courses could contribute to better teaching by offering a variety of green surfaces for outdoor teaching. This gives opportunities to vary learning environments that complement the indoor classroom as the site of teaching activity. This inspirational handbook (in Swedish) describes experiences, ideas and practical activities that can be used in everyday teaching outdoors. There is a short video about the project in English.

Societal benefits of multifunctionality
The article "Societal benefits of multifunctional golf facilities" is based on a survey about multifunctional activities on Nordic golf facilities. Contains practical examples that will inspire!

Golf clubs as frontrunners - inspiration workbook
"Golf clubs as frontrunners for sustainable development in local landscapes" is a step-by-step workbook on how to map values, functions and activities and engage key partners in multifunctional projects.