The ICE-BREAKER project has started
Read the article about the project that aims to help us understand how to prevent and repair ice and water damage on putting greens. ICE-BREAKER’ is an industry driven project that hopefully will become a breakthrough in STERF’s efforts to reduce winter damages and produce better playing surfaces on golf courses, not only in the Nordic countries, but also in other regions with similar climatic coditions.

New fact sheet - Experiences from impermeable winter covers
This new fact sheet is based on published reports and experiences with impermeable covers during the last decade. Properly installed impermeable covers can be recommended as an efficient way to prevent damage from ice and melting water, desiccation and other types of abiotic winter stresses on putting greens. Two years positive results from four Norwegian golf courses have been confirmed by Swedish greenkeepers who have tried impermeable covers for many years and who estimate better winter survival in four out of five years.

  Fact sheet  
Winter stress management handbook
The Golf course managers’ handbook summarizes results and experiences from several research projects
related to turf grass winter stress. A handbook full of valuable knowledge, recommendations and practical advice. Read it!

Close the course, prepare for winter
Read the article (in Norwegian) with advice on how to prepare the golf course for the winter to come. It is important to get the preparations done in order to avoid injuries that effect the spring opening.

WEBINAR Biodiversity of golf courses and urban grasslands
STERF and NIBIO are arranging an international webinar on the topic biodiversity of golf courses and urban grasslands. The project “From dense swards to biodiverse roughs” has come to an end. To present the findings, but also place the results in a wider context, an open webinar panel discussion will be held on
November 5th 2020 at 13 to 15 CET, featuring the speakers who have made their presentations available online one week before the webinar. The presentations will be targeted to greenkeepers and course managers, landscape architects, landscape planners, park managers, urban conservation officers and similar professions. Register and read all about the webinar in the invitation and program.