STERF Newsletter #54
Results from the project "From dense swards to biodiverse roughs"
Final results, experiences, advice and facts from the project are now available. Here you will find a lot of information describing management strategies to enhance diversity of flowering plants and pollinators in roughs. In the fact sheet you will find practical methods for diverisying rough areas.

-Articles covering experiences from the project in Norwegian, Swedish and Danish
-Fact sheet with practical advice

Article - Practical measures to increase biodiversity on golf courses
Read the article about the project "Biodiversity on golf courses" and how five pilot golf courses in Sweden will demonstrate how to improve biodiversity at the golf course by creating habitats for pollinating insects.

Article - Can golf courses store carbon?
Read the article about the new research project "Carbon Par" that estimates the carbon status of land used by some Icelandic golf courses. The calculation of a golf facility’s complete carbon footprint must account for management inputs, including emissions from mowers, energy used to pump irrigation water and the manufacturing and delivery of products such as fertilizer and seeds.