STERF Newsletter #56
Find your best grass varities!
The latest version of 'Turfgrass seed for the Nordic countries 2020-2021' has been published. It holds the results from SCANTURF and SCANGREEN evaluation of turfgrass varieties. The booklet is about turfgrass varieties, not turfgrass species. (Information about species’ characteristics can be found in ‘The Grass Guide 2015’. )

  Variety lists 2020-21  
Article - Varieties of red fescue and creeping bentgrass
The SCANGREEN 2019-22 project has reached its halfway point. Preliminary results (2019-20) are presented in this article for general impression, diseases and winter damage in varieties of red fescue and creeping bentgrass.

ROBO‐GOLF: Results from 2020
The first results from the project ROBO-GOLF 2020-2023 are presented in the report "Robotic mowers for better turf quality on golf course fairways and semi‐roughs".
Robotic mowers can contribute to more sustainable use of resources on golf courses.

The objective of the project is to generate and disseminate knowledge about implications for turfgrass quality, fertilizer requirements, labor and energy use, and players’ satisfaction by going from manual mowing to robotic mowing on fairways semi-roughs.

Golf course as outdoor classroom
It is now time to implement the concept "Golf course as an outdoor classroom" on a larger scale. STERF, the Swedish Golf Federation and the educational administration in the city of Stockholm work together in a project. The goal is that this training in outdoor teaching for participating teachers from three schools in Stockholm and contacts at three local golf clubs will inspire more teachers to use their local golf course as the new outdoor classroom. A introductory booklet for teachers has been produced; "The golf course - an outdoor classroom for teaching and learning in all school subjects and themes." (Available in Swedish only)

STERF Yearbook 2020
In STERFs Yearbook 2020 you will get a summary of important events during last year, information about STERF´s research programmes, activities and get an update of STERF´s ongoing and newly started projects.

  STERF Yearbook 2020