STERF Newsletter #57
ICE-BREAKER: Positive news about winter covers
Read the article from STERF’s winter project, ICE-BREAKER: Results from NIBIO Apelsvoll confirm positive experiences of winter cover last winter. Impermeable plastic covers give better winter survival, especially on poa greens, but also on creeping bent- and red fescue greens.

No need for extra P-fertilization in the spring
There is no need for extra phosphorus fertilization in the spring. This is good news as sustainabale use of phosphorus is particularly important as it is a nutrient that can cause deterioration of many freshwater systems. Read the article about the findings in the SUSPHOS-project!

Rolling to prevent pink snow mold
It is already known that rolling can prevent dollar spot, a fungal disease caused by Clarireedia spp. That rolling also can have a inhibitory effect on pink snow mold (Microdochium nivale) is less known. Read about it in the article!

Save the date - 12 July 2022 - Modern sports turf management practitioner seminar
The 14th International Turfgrass Research Conference 2021 (ITRC 2022) will be organised by STERF and held in Copenhagen on 10 - 15 July 2022. New for this conference is a full day dedicated to practitioners. We have chosen a number of top scientists and some upcoming stars to bring highlights from their field of expertise directly to practical turfgrass managers. This seminar will be the most important event for golf course and stadium managers in 2022. More information and practitioner seminar flyer.