"Sustainable Fertilisation" - Watch the webinar!
Get on the fast track to the latest knowledge on fertilisation. Watch the short webinar about precision fertilisation and why it is so important to understand how nutrients effect your grass. Meet Maria Strandberg, STERF Director, Stefan Nilsson, Agronomist Swedish Golf Federation, Trygve S. Aamlid and Karin Juul Hesselsøe, experts and researchers at NIBIO. And then, read the updated handbook and get all you need to know about fertilisation.

Updated handbook - "Precision fertilisation"
The first (2011) edition of this handbook summarised the knowledge and experiences gained in three STERF projects on fertilisation in the period 2003-2011.The new handbook has been updated with the results from the STERF projects "Optimal application of nitrogen and sulphur in autumn for better winter survival of turfgrasses" and "SUSPHOS:
Sustainable phosphorus (P) fertilization on golf courses".
   "Precision fertilisation" is based on the assumption that the grass requires nutrients in constant relative proportions. The same fertiliser can therefore be used from spring until autumn and fertilisation can be adapted based on the nitrogen requirement of the grass and soil analyses. The updated handbook presents the latest knowledge and theory behind this together with simple instructions on how to carry out precision fertilisation. The new handbook is available in English, Swedish and Danish.

Video from SCANGREEN
SCANGREEN is the Scandinavian testing program for turfgrass species and varieties on sand-based golf greens. The latest SCANGREEN project has reached its halfway point and have released a short video about the project. The video is in English with subtitles available in all Scandinavian languages! There is also a more descriptive article about the results from the project so far.

and  Article

ICE-BREAKER: Sensors can be an important tool
Read the article about the latest findings from ICE-BREAKER, the project that researches solutions for reducing the impact of ice damage on golf courses and other grasslands.The article is available in Norwegian and Swedish.


Video - Can golf courses store carbon?
Watch this beautiful video about the CARBON PAR-project that calculates golf facilities complete carbon footprint on Iceland,  including management inputs, emissions from mowers, energy used to pump irrigation water and the manufacturing and delivery of products such as fertilizer and grass seeds.