STERF Newsletter #64
Video - The Golf Course as an outdoor Classroom
Increased learning, more physical activity and better knowledge of Right of Public Access whenever you visit Swedish nature - and a chance to try golf. The golf course as an outdoor classroom offers many possibilities. Watch the short video about the pupils visiting their new classroom at Viksjö GC, close to Stockholm.

Report - Chafer grubs and leatherjackets on golf courses
Read this fresh report about how insects can cause severe damages to Scandinavian golf courses – mainly in the southern areas. Damages from chafer grubs are occasional, damages from leatherjackets tend to be increasing. Restrictions on insecticides have necessitated the use of alternative control methods. Read more about this in the report.

Videos - Voices and seminars from ITRC2022
If you could not make it to Copenhagen, here is your chance to experience some of the attending participants voices. And if you want to listen to a seminar from the Practitioner day “Modern Sport Turf Management” - here they are.