Golf course as outdoor classroom

The golf course - an outdoor classroom for teaching and learning in all school subjects and themes.

We all need fresh air to get the mind in motion. When lessons and teaching are conducted outdoors, students get access to a larger area and can thereby move more - which turns out to lead to improved school performance, health and well-being. It is now time to implement the concept "Golf course as an outdoor classroom" on a larger scale.

STERF, the Swedish Golf Federation and the educational administration in the city of Stockholm work together in a project with the theme "local environment as learning environment". The goal is that this training in outdoor pedagogy for participating teachers from three schools in Stockholm and contacts at three local golf clubs will inspire more teachers to use their local golf course as the new outdoor classroom.

The schools / Golf clubs in this first step of the project are: Hjulsta Grundskola / Viksjö GK, Mälarhöjdens skola / Haninge GK and Bäckahagens skola / Björkhagens GK.  
The program is available in Swedish only. PDF - See below

(Information about the project that inspired: Go outdoors and use the Golf area in a pedagogical way – creativity, learning and health in the unlimited classroom)