A practical guide for assessing your golf course’s multifunctional potential

This handbook is intended as a tool for a multifunctional process and can be used to visualize the multifunctional potential of a golf course.

This booklet presents the results from a STERF research project – Experience mapping and multifunctional golf course development - enhanced possibilities for increased and more varied use of golf courses (Caspersen, O.H. et al. (2014): Multifunctional Golf Courses. IGN Rapport, December 2014, Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg). The full report can be downloaded from the project page.

The goal of this project was to describe the development of a method for mapping and description of recreational experiences on golf courses. The objective was to provide a planning tool that can facilitate development of a broader multifunctional use of the golf course landscape.