ICE-BREAKER Final seminar


Quality Airport Hotel, Gardermoen, Oslo

  • Language for all presentations: English.
  • Questions / group discussions: Optional English / Scandinavian


11.00. Opening of seminar. Pål Melbye; Norwegian Golf Federation

'11.10. Keynote 1: The risk for ice and water damage:   IPCC predictions for future winter climates.  
             Hans Olav Hygen, Norwegian Meteorological Institute

11.30: Project overview and presentation of the ICE-BREAKER team. Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO
11.45 Break & networking

Moderator for the rest of the day: Maria Strandberg, STERF director

Main theme 1: Understanding ice encasement stress in turfgrass plants.

12.00: The two main types of ice and water damage: Anoxia vs. crown hydration/freezing. 
             Clarification of terminology. Intro by Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO          

12.10: Keynote 2: What’s going on at the turfgrass crown level ?
            Freeze/thaw cycles and crown hydration.  Why could impermeable plastic be better than ice ?
            Emily M. Holm, Michigan State University. 
12.40. The critical spring transition: Bleaching and reduced photosynthesis as the turf comes
             out of ice.  Sigridur Dalmannsdottir, NIBIO

 13.00-14.00: Lunch

 Main theme 2:  Management of greens (and tees) before and during winter.

14.00: Plastic coverage of golf greens – not a new concept ? Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO

14.15:  Practical experiences with coverage in Sweden: Håkan Blusi, Swedish Golf Federation

14.25: Refinement of the cover technology:  Undercovers and the need for ventilation
             Three years of large scale experiments in ICE-BREAKER, WP3.  Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO

14.45:  Break

15.00:  The adoption of cover technology on Norwegian GCs. 
              Mads Thers, Skaaret Landskap / Holtsmark GC
15.15:  From snow removal to plastic coverage at Oslo GC: John Riiber / Albert Holmgeirsson, Oslo GC  

15:30: Two years comparison of snow / ice removal vs. plastic sheets at NIBIO Apelsvoll. 
            Wendy Waalen, NIBIO

15:45:  Break


16:00: The genetic component:  Screening of species and varieties for tolerance to ice encasement
              (anoxia)  Karin J. Hesselsøe, NIBIO

16.15: Panel discussion:  Is use of plastic an option on my golf course ?  Pros and cons.
            In panel: Experienced greenkeepers + speakers from the previous sessions. 

16:45: Break


Main theme 3: Faster reestablishment after ice damage

17:00: Impact of growth inhibiting substances on germination and seedling growth of red fescue and
              creeping bentgrass after ice encasement.   Pia Heltoft, Marit Almvik and Karin J. Hesselsøe, NIBIO

17:25: Optimal machines for reseeding  / faster reestablishment using unprimed and GA3-primed seed of
             creeping bentgrass varieties on golf courses in Sweden. Carl Johan Lønnberg, Swedish Golf

17:45: Stretch legs / short break

18:00. Spring covers and biostimulants or faster grow-on of creeping bentgrass
             Results from, UMass, Tromsø and Landvik. Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO

18:15: Wrap up: The main Conclusions from ICE-BREAKER.  Trygve S. Aamlid, NIBIO

18:30: End of seminar



  • The seminar is held in conjunction with The Norwegian Golf Federation’s General Assembly ‘Golftinget’, which starts on Saturday Nov. 4th
  • The seminar language is English, but Scandinavian participants are welcome to ask questions and participate in the discussions in their own language. Translations will be provided.
  • Quality Airport Hotel is located close to the terminal buildings, with shuttle connection every 15 minutes. The address is: Lokevegen 7, 2067 Jessheim
  • The seminar fee is NOK 850, which includes lunch and refreshments during the seminar day
  • Please register for the seminar at
    • You can choose registration in either Norwegain (NO) og English (EN) language. If selecting 'EN’ you will get ‘ICE BREAKER SEMINAR Nov 3rd’ as the first option in the upcoming registration list.
    • If you are an invited speaker, please ask Pål Melbye ( for a discount code which will waive your registration fee
    • When asked about company or private payment, select ‘Private’
    • If not representing a Norwegian golf club, please select ‘A. Organization / institution’ under ‘Organization / Institution’
  • Registrations are open until Friday October 20th. Please register at your earliest convenience. Registrations are valid once payment has been received via credit card.
  • If anyone who are not staying for ‘Golftinget’ needs hotel accommodation the night before or after the seminar, please contact Lise Bjørnstad, Norwegian Golf