Updated handbook: Precision fertilisation - from theory to practice

The first (2011) edition of this handbook summarised the knowledge and experiences gained in three research projects on fertilisation funded by STERF in the period 2003-2011:
• Effect of precision fertilisation on the growth, appearance and nitrogen utilisation of turfgrasses
• Fertiliser strategies for golf turf: Implications for physiology-driven fertilisation
• Impact of mowing height and autumn fertilisation on winter survival of golf greens in the Nordic countries

The current (2021) handbook has been updated with the results from the STERF projects Optimal application of nitrogen and sulphur in autumn for better winter survival of turfgrasses and SUSPHOS: Sustainable phosphorus (P) fertilization on golf courses. While former STERF projects mostly focused on nitrogen (N), the aim of SUSPHOS was to investigate if P fertilization can be reduced on golf course putting greens without negative implications on turf quality.

Available now in English, SWedish and Danish.