Video about the SCANGREEN-project

SCANGREEN is the Scandinavian testing program for turfgrass species and varieties on sand-based golf greens. The program was initiated in 2003 and has been running continuously since then, with new test rounds starting every fourth year. The Northern climatic zone is represented by a green at NIBIO Apelsvoll in the eastern part of Norway and at Korpa Golf club, Reykjavik, Iceland. The southern climatic zone is represented by a green at the southern coastline of Norway at NIBIO Landvik and at Smørum Golf Club on the island of Sjælland in Denmark. The evaluations form the basis for recommended variety lists at and

10% of SCANGREEN is funded by fees paid by the seed companies entering varieties into the trials, and 90% is funded by the Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation (STERF).

The video is available in English and with subtitles available in all Scandinavian languages!