14th International Turfgrass Research Conference, Copenhagen, July 10-15, 2022

The 14th International Turfgrass Research Conference, held at Copenhagen University, was a great success. More than 300 participants from 28 countries attended and more than 180 presentations and seminars were held!

Development and Sustainability was the theme of the conference and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set out in Agenda 2030 acted as the conference programme framework. The programme focused on: increased sustainability by a multidisciplinary approach; science in action by ready-to-use research; and mobilising forces from academia to industry. Check out the conference website for more information about program etc

Read the article about the conference;

Voices from the conference - short video interviews

Maria Strandberg, Director at STERF, about her expectations on ITRC2022, new perspective, new knowledge and multifunctional golf courses (Swedish)

Simon Gibson,
responsible at Leicester FC King Power Stadium and the football clubs training facilities, about data driven grass development and STA: Sports Turf Academy (English)

Gunnar Håkansson,
General Secretary at the Swedish Golf Federation, about the need of a world congress like ITRC and an increasing research understanding world wide - especially between Sweden and USA (Swedish)

Michael Bekken, Wisconsin University, about how golf courses can become carbon neutral - and even carbon positive (English)

Wendell J. Hutchens,
Viginia Tech, about how to work proactive to reduce the problem with Dollarspot (English)

Thomas Pihl, Course Manager at Furesö Golfklub outside Copenhagen, about serving a whole dinner consisting raw materials only from the golf course (Danish)

Anne Mette Dahl Jensen, DFL Seeds & Science, Denmark, about R&D on grass and the challenges for the golf courses because of the climate changes (English)

Maria Viking, Husqvarna Forest & Garden, about the environmental benefit and development of auto movers for professional use - as golf courses (English)

Alicia Moulin, Sustainability Manager at Swiss Golf, about the rapid development within sustainability at Swiss golf corses - with focus on GEO (English)