Development, evaluation and implementation of playing quality parameters in a continuos golf-course evaluation concept


Golf players´ opinion, understanding and ranking of course- and playing quality parameters provides important supporting data for defining course- and playing quality. Therefore it was important to carry out a user inquiry in Scandinavia among golf players with different skills.

In fall 2008 a user inquiry was drawn up (Danish) in collaboration with the Danish Golf Union (DGU). The user inquiry was constructed in order to deal with playing quality parameters but also sustainability and the effects of restrictions on pesticides. The questionnaire was dealing with the different elements on the golf course; greens, fairways, tee places, rough and bunkers. And comments were in relation to grass, trees, weed, etc. All the elements a player is in contact with (from hole 1 to hole 18).

The Danish questionnaire was tested on a number of players with different skills. It was then translated into English and Swedish. Finally DGU translated the questionnaire into an internet version. It was distributed to contact persons in different golf clubs all over Scandinavia in order to have them to promote the user inquiry among the clubs golf players. A number of clubs in Denmark, Norway and Sweden agreed to participate. No clubs in Finland and Iceland responded, however the Finish Golf Union helped to get in contact with finish golf players.

Additionally the inquiry was promoted on (the largest internet side in Denmark for golf players) and on the Danish Golf Unions homepage – this created a lot of response.

When the inquiry was closed 1949 golf players had filled out the questionnaire.


The data material that is generated is huge and complex. – below are given some examples of answers  

Playing quality on greens

-          Men care more about the green speed, however most players prefers an even green compared to a quick green – this is specified in the article “God spillekvalitet – er det hurtige greens?

Playing quality and pesticide reduction

-          Weed seems to disturb the players most compared to fungi and insects

Environmental issues

-          Environmental issues; Not surprisingly women are more aware of environmental issues. Among countries Sweden and Norway seems to be more aware of the environmental issues

-          In Denmark a pesticide agreement have been functioning for a number of years however 40 % of the Danish golf players have never heard about it – so how good are we in communicating with the golf players?

-          About 60% of the Danish players do not know what the consequences of a pesticide stop is

Category: Turfgrass
Status: Finished
Project period: February 2007 - May 2009

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Project Objectives

A golf player’s definition of playing quality depends upon skills, what the eyes see, and may additionally vary according to geography. A definition of playing quality, using a set of different parameters, is therefore desirable. However it must be based upon the player’s recommendations. New ways for measuring and describing playing quality in a more systematic way on golf courses must be developed and evaluated in order to increase the professionalism of the sector. A project with that focus can then be used as a foundation for a new model for continuous golf course evaluation in relation to playing quality. The focus must be on methods that greenkeepers and extern consultants are able to measure and compare.

Project participants

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