Multifunctional golf course with unique natural and cultural values


In addition to serving as important recreation areas for golfers and outdoor leisure activities, many golf courses possess high natural and culturai values. Kristianstads Golf Club has been working together with the Kristianstads Vattenrike Biosphere Office towards achieving environmental certification for the golf club's courses and its operations in general. This project was a part of the work of promoting the multifunctional utilisation of the golf courses and to preserve and develop the natural and culturai values by means of a number of demonstrations and pilot schemes on and adjacent to the golf course. The purpose of the project included the creation of a multifunctional golf course where agreater awareness of the use of pesticides and watering, etc. will lead to their more economical use.

During the project period measures have been taken on the cours e to increase biodiversity, e.g. mowing of roughs after flowering and removal of grass. A new machine has been bought for this purpose in 20 l O. These measures will benefit the flora and endangered insects, as well as making the roughs better for golf players. In demonstration plots, on roughs and in the sUlToundings, different measures have been taken to create bare sand in order to promote biodiversity. These plots have been examined within the project and will also be examined during the following years.

An additional measure was economically feasible in the final phase of the project; planting trees and shrubs of appropriate varieties, namely that both improve the golf course, the game and biodiversity maintenance. However, winter came early last fall, therefore, these measures will be calTied out in spring 2011. Species that are relevant to plant include: willow, linden and hawthom.

Work has been made to make the golf coursees more accessible for other forms of outdoor leisure activities through the use of paths. During 20 l O a path with information boards conceming nature, demonstration plots and culture values has been inaugurated at the Botanical Day the 14th of June. The path is used by the schoois, joggers, nursery, active outdoor life as well. The botanical day was alTanged to inform golf club members and public about the high botanical values on the course and its surrounding.

A management plan for the nature and cultural values has been produced during the last year. The plan has been settled of the board of the golf club. Documentation of botanical values in the demonstration plots has also been done during the year.

During 2010 we have taken part in the project "Nordic cooperation between authorities and non-govemmental organisations for creating multifunctional golf courses and healthy systems". STERF together with the Nordic Council of Ministers has initiated the project. The Nordic project has become a part of our project in some parts. We participated in the conference in Copenhagen in September 2010 and have also been engaged in the produce of a guide on how to establish multifunctional golf courses.


Carina Wettemarkk

Ecologist, Biosfärskontoret
Kristianstads kommun, Sweden

Category: Multifunctional golf facilities
Status: Finished
Project period: January 2009 - December 2010

Fundings (kSEK)


  2009 2010 Total
STERF 125 125 250
Other sources 125 125 250
Total 250 250 500