SCANGREEN 2015-2018: Turfgrass species, varieties, seed blends and mixtures for integrated pest management of Scandinavian putting greens


Thirty-four pure varieties and nine seed blends/mixtures were evaluated on USGA greens at NIBIO Apelsvoll and Reykjavik GC in the northern zone, and NIBIO Landvik and Sydsjælland GC in the southern climate zone of Scandinavia. The trials were cut to 3-5 mm 3 times per wk and managed according to good greenkeeping practice. Plots were evaluated monthly and species, varieties within species and seed blends/mixtures were ranked, first for decreasing turf quality, second for increasing winter damage and third for increasing susceptibility to diseases.

See the articles and final reports of the findings from the project below!

Trygve S Aamlid

Trygve S. Aamlid, Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), Department for Urban Greening and Environmental Technology, Turfgrass Research Group, Landvik, Reddalsveien 215, 4886 Grimstad, Phone: +47 90 52 83 78. E-mail:

Category: Turfgrass
Status: Finished
Project period: January 2015 - December 2018

Fundings (kSEK)

2015  2016  2017 2018 Total
STERF 481 638 563 569  2 251
Other sources 225 80 80 180    565
Total 706 718 643 749 2 816

Project objectives
• To clarify which varieties of Agrostis, Festuca, Poa and Lolium are best suited for integrated pest management of putting greens at four experimental sites representing the two major climate zones in the Nordic countries.
• To investigate the effect on visual quality and uniformity in space and time of using traditional an untraditional seed mixtures and blends on putting greens.
• To create meeting places for discussions between plant breeders, seed companies and greenkeepers in order to encourage variety awareness, integrated pest management and continued efforts into turfgrass breeding for northern environments.