Silvery thread moss on greens - practical trials


We continued with the demonstration experiment that started in summer 2011. The objective is still for the demonstration plots to be treated every 14 days during the time there is growth on the surface. In 2013 the treatment started in the middle of May, when growth was well underway, and the plots were treated eight times. Treatment stopped in the middle of November, when the surface growth at the surface had topped completely due to low temperature.

Just as after the previous season, the plot treated with 24 kg iron sulphate showed the best visual overall impression. The plots treated with Manganese sulphate (32%): 15 kg+16 kg iron sulphate also showed some good overall impressions. Plots treated with 32 kg iron sulphate were still heavily stressed, and the grass suffered very badly. The area treated with 3 kg N was almost 100% eliminated by snow mould after the previous winter. We reseeded the area twice in 2013, but it was extremely difficult to get that plot in good shape during the season.

We observed a 0.5-1.5°C increase in soil temperature in the plots treated with iron sulphate. This affected the surface so that was less likely to retain dew, which is probably a contributing factor to the significantly lower incidence of fungus in this plots. During this season there was a severe snow mould attack in the middle of November. Every plot was attacked except the two plots treated with 15 kg manganese sulphate (32%) + 16 kg ion sulphate and 15 kg manganese sulphate (32%).

Mikael Frisk, SGF
Category: Turfgrass
Status: Finished
Project period: 2011-2013

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