Envirom Group

Envirom Group


Envirom Green delivers environmentally friendly plant growth biostimulants to agriculture, horticulture, sports & leisure and the water treatment industry worldwide. Our solutions restore nature's balance in soil and water without the need for adding environmentally damaging ingredients. Headquartered in Oslo Norway, Envirom Group has now presence in Europe, North America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Envirom Green is a fully owned subsidiary in the Envirom Group.

Our product philosophy is to boost natural growth without the need for environmentally damaging ingredients. Our products are based on a naturally occurring mineroid called leonardite, a high carbon, plant based mineral that is available in many parts of the world.  Leonardite has the highest content of naturally occurring humic – and fulvic acid found in any source. Humic – and fulvic acids are recognized by scientists and agronomists as one of the most important components in fertile soil and for healthy and vital plant growth. Envirom Green products are non-toxic, easy to apply and cost effective.

Envirom Turf&Green is the product for growth and maintenance of golf grass and turfs. This unique blend has well-documented results from internationally renowned golf courses and sports grounds. Turf&Green stimulates the biological balance in the soil and promotes greener, healthier turfs with stronger root systems.

Envirom Green are proud to be a part of the STERF Industrial Scientific Partner Programme, and we are looking forward to participate in the research and development of optimal conditions on golf courses in the Nordic countries and worldwide.