Winter stress management of turf grass

2017-11-09 10:00 - 2017-11-10 13:00

Oslo airport, Gardermoen


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A large number of golf courses in the Nordic countries suffer from winter damage every year, and the associated costs are conciderable. Because of the economic and environmental impact, golf course superintendents throughout Scandinavia consider "Winter Stress Management" to be the most important for STERF's thematic areas for research and development.

To meet the challanges related to overwintering we have invested in a four-year, project about how autumn fertilization affect winter performance of cold season green grass. It is time to sum up our findings and present recommendations for the turf grass people.

We welcome everyone to a seminar close to the Oslo Airport Gardermoen 9-10th November 2017.

We will use this opportunity to enlighten the topic of winter stress management of turf grasses in general. During the seminar, we will present results from several other research projects and relevant knowledge from closely related plant sciences. We expect Nordic golf couse managers to be present and exchange their experiences with colleagues from many countries.

Our keynote speaker is from Canada. Professor emeritus Larry Gusta from the University of Saskatchewan has worked on winter issues for decades. He will give us an overview of plant acclimation, winter injuries and good practice.

Deadline for registration: 22 October 2017