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Our original homepage was attacked by malware in January 2024 and the attackers also destroyed our back up. Our server hotel provider will try to rebuild what we can find from the site, and until then we will use this site as a means of publishing a few facts and news.


International Turfgrass Research Initiative launched to advance worldwide sustainability in golf

STERF, The R&A, and the USGA have launched the International Turfgrass Research Initiative to further the advancement of sustainable approaches to golf course and turfgrass management. Beginning later this year, multi-year research projects will be funded to develop practical solutions which can be adopted by those managing golf facilities and turfgrass areas, in response to the most pressing challenges facing the management of turfgrass and golf courses worldwide.  Read the whole pressrelease


IPM-project Final report

Read all about the Integrated Pest Management project, from start to finish, and the final results that have been presented. Final report


The STERF Annual Yearbook 2023

Read about important events during the year and find describtions of all running and recently finished research projects.
You will find the PDF here.  
STERF Vuosikirja 2023

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FACT SHEET - Use of robotic mowers on golf courses

This fact sheet will guide you through the newest knowledge on the use of small lightweight robotic mowers on golf course fairways and semi-roughs.
You will find the PDF here.
In Danish.

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Grass species and varieties for severe winter climates

This updated fact sheet will help you choose the most winter hardy grass species and varieties when establishing, re-seeding, or over-seeding golf courses or other turfgrass areas in the Nordic countries. We focus on grass for golf greens, but fairways, tees, sports fields, and recreational lawns will be covered too. You will find the PDF here.

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If you are looking for a specific report or article, please get in touch with Karin Schmidt, Communications, and it will be sent to you by e-mail.  If you have questions regarding STERF or want to get in touch with us, please contact Maria Strandberg, Director.
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